Altura Coffee is well known for their award-winning coffee blends and delicious, rich espresso but have you heard about their single origins?  They source smaller, exceptionally high grades of coffee in specialty micro-lots – sometimes as small as a single sack. That means coffee that you won’t be able to buy or taste anywhere else in New Zealand.

Generally speaking, coffee is categorised by its source – it can come from individual farms (single estate) or a region (single origin) or from lots of farms across a wide area (co-op).  Chris White, owner and head roaster at Altura Coffee selects, roasts and cups (tastes) sample batches of green beans before deciding on the perfect roasting profile for each.  Then he orders batches directly from farms as far afield as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil and Guatemala. When exceptionally good beans are available, Chris roasts them in small batches creating some of the best single origin coffee in New Zealand.

According to Chris White, the best way to drink these special coffees is as a soft brew, not an espresso. This brings out the delicate flavour characteristics at their absolute best. “Soft brew makes it much easier to pick up on the distinct taste characteristics of the coffee,” Chris explains. “For example, it’s hard to distinguish between the flavour characteristics of Kenyan and Guatemalan coffee in an espresso – but as soft brew you get a much better flavour range on your palate and can really pick up on the nuances.”

Altura will be showcasing some of their latest single origin coffees at the NZ Coffee Festival (stand 24), so make sure you drop in and taste some!