As the majority of people do, we treasure coffee for its flavour, aroma and pick-me-up miracles. Miss Moonshines are also major fans of the magic beans, having shared with us the four ways they use Coffee in their recipes, that keeps them ahead of the game. 

  1. The use of freshly ground coffee beans in their Hāngi – style Kumara Dish

Miss Moonshines food is a celebration of ‘Low n Slow’ real BBQ Style cooking, A place where American BBQ techniques meet Kiwi traditions, like the Hāngi, to create memorable meals.

They believe that food is for sharing and bringing communities together, and choose to honour the Hāngi due to the considerable amount of work that goes into preparing it, the way it brings people together and teaches them about the Māori culture.

Miss Moonshines are very proud to have replicated the hāngi style in a restaurant manner. Their incredible chefs use freshly ground coffee beans to bury the Kumara and smoke it, infusing the dish with a coffee flavour.

The dish is served with a house-made sauce, tomato and chilli and it’s always a fav when wanting to enjoy a delicious hot meal with a twist of Miss Moonshine style.

  2. Café Bazar

One of Miss Moonshines signature cocktails ‘Café Bazar’ is a take on the popular Espresso Martini. This invigorating drink includes Orange, Cardamom, Absolut vanilla vodka, House-made coffee liqueur and last but not least a shot of espresso.

  1. Espresso Martini

Created in ‘80s Soho, London, by cocktail legend Dick Bradsel, the espresso martini is a sophisticated drink that is deliciously confusing.

Miss Moonshines Cold Brew Martini contains Belvedere vodka, house-made coffee liqueur, Vanilla Sugar, Crème de cacao and an espresso shot.  It’s available in both their drinks and dessert menu and is a hit amongst their BBQ loving patrons.


  1. Coffee Infused Moonshine Shot

Moonshine has an array of delectable shot’s on offer which is often seasonal, but one that is never off the list – their coffee infused Moonshine shot.

The preparation of this shot is as magical as the bean, with whole roasted coffee beans infused in their house bourbon, to create coffee kick like no other.