This month we’ve got the lowdown on the colourful lattes you can consume.. Not keen on caffeine today, or after something a little more ‘health conscious’….continue reading guys!

Turmeric Latte

The most common colourful coffee on the scene, the Turmeric Latte is known for its distinct taste and ability to stain any clothing it comes in contact with. Whilst turmeric creates a gorgeous looking yellow latte, it isn’t just sunshine in a cup… it also has some incredible health benefits, by being a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties!

But what does this actually mean? Anti-inflammatory = great for your gut health, along with reducing redness and irritation on your face and body. Whilst the anti-bacterial properties help reduce blemishes and acne for those prone to it. So really you’re doing your body a world of good by drinking this golden concoction.

Beetroot Latte

Dubbed ‘velvety goodness’ the beetroot latte has made its way into coffee lovers hearts with its ‘grammable’ look and delicious taste. Widely known as a superfood,  it’s not always everyone’s go to vegetable, however the humble beetroot goes down deliciously in its powdered form, mixed with fresh ginger and a nut milk of your choosing.

The health benefits you ask? Improved blood flow, abilities to lower blood pressure and rich in dietary fiber. So for those that aren’t the biggest fan of beetroot in its vegetable form, don’t rule out this latte substitute just yet…. You could be very surprised.

Matcha Latte

Now whilst the green colour may be slightly off putting, you shouldn’t stick your nose up at a matcha latte, as it’s merely the love child of green tea and nut milk. I’m looking at you green teas lovers. And for bit of background on this delectable drink, the meaning of Matcha is literally ‘powdered tea’ and whilst it isn’t the prettiest of all the latte’s, the health benefits it packs is incredible.

With one serving of matcha tea equating to ten cups of regular green tea, matcha powder holds over 100 antioxidants. Studies have found links between matcha and increased metabolism, alongside aiding in concentration, and helping to detoxify and relax the body. *downs matcha latte instantly*

Now you may have already known all of this and are a superfood latte expert, but for those that didn’t or aren’t one to stray from their usual doubleshot trim flat white with a shot of vanilla – try branching out… you may just discover your second favourite hot drink.

Written by Jana Gallagher