Alright Guys now whilst we all take our daily caffeination ritual seriously, as it is our means of survival (slightly dramatic, but low key true), we’re going to school you up for a hot minute on an even more serious issue, how Coffee is literally keeping a community afloat.

It’s been a whole month since our coffee denzcodicated festival, If you were lucky enough to attend NZCF 2018 surely you saw the epic stand that was The Lucy Foundation and .Able Coffee Collaborative.

You walked around with your eyes closed? No worries if you didn’t get a chance to visit these guys,we have got all the major details.

The Lucy Foundation is a dedicated group that work to create training and job opportunities in the workforce, for individuals living with and without disabilities. Now you’re probably wondering… how is this coffee related? WELL let me tell you, having created the Pluma Coffee Project in 2016 the Lucy Foundation helped Pluma Hidalgo, a village high in the mountains of Mexico, create a coffee brand that runs through a sustainable value chain from seed to cup.

Coffee farming keeps this isolated community afloat economically, and the Lucy Foundation helps to train those with disabilities in the community, in all things coffee related – empowering them to enter into the workforce.

We were suuuuuuuper stoked to have The Lucy Foundation, in partnership with Coffee Educators & Able Coffee Collective, at the New Zealand Coffee Festival this year, and be a platform for them to spread their incredible message and work.

So get amongst their hustle and follow this epic journey of inclusion and empowerment with the help of our favourite bean. Give them a stalk on their social’s below…..
FB: @thelucyfoundation
INSTA: @thelucyfoundation
FB: @ablecoffeenz