Morning Coffee Lovers,

This blog is  for all those who love personality tests to the days, the ultimate in what your coffee says about YOU.

Espresso Expert – A true coffee snob, you live a busy life and drink for the caffeine kick but also genuinely appreciate the full flavoured brew of a black coffee. A natural born leader that knows how to get sh*t done, your work-hard, play-hard mentality is admirable.

Laid-back Latte Consumer – You like to live a comfortable life, in which you value everyday luxuries such as your morning latte. Being more laid back, you don’t tend to worry about over analysing life’s choices but this also leads to trouble in making the big decisions. Your friends appreciate your ability to be open-minded in you opinions and consider all options.

Iced Coffee Intellectual  – Up for a cold pick me up all year round but especially enjoys winter, an unpopular opinion. You know yourself and what you stand for, assertive and confident in your opinions. Someone who doesn’t have time for drama or petty behaviour, you’re also more in control of your emotions. Overall an assertive individual, similar to Espresso fein’s however more focused on yourself rather than managing others.

Cappuccino Connoisseur – Considered to be the more sophisticated of the coffee lovers, you are a polished and put together individual with the ultimate sense of style. A creative mind and sociable nature, you have no trouble making friends and are considered a ‘great friend’ by all. However pull the layers back and you aren’t as confident as you may portray, and are incredibly sensitive.

Mochaccino Master –You embody adventure and spontaneity, a wild spirit that is about grabbing life by the beans and less about planning it down to the minute. Your happy vibe attracts people, and you’re never found without company. You don’t necessarily enjoy the taste of coffee, but need a pick me up for your adventure filled life.

Flat White Fein – The standard ‘mom’ coffee, trim flat white with a shot of vanilla. You appreciate the simple things in life, like coffee in its most consumed form. Not an executive type but live a busy life, ergo your direct personality, and ‘no time to beat around the bush’ attitude.  

So does your personality type totally match your coffee? Or maybe it matches your alter ego? No matter what your regular brew is, I think we can all agree that life would be a little harder everyday without these magical bean.

Written by Jana Gallagher